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Laufen - winner of the prestigious award

Val plumbing series, released brand Laufen, received the highest distinction at the prestigious iF Design Awards - Award iF Gold Award.

The collection includes such items:


  • sink-bowl and asymmetrical rectangular shape, which is the highlight of the presence of the special semi-dry area for storing small items. It can accommodate the dispenser with liquid soap, cream or other cosmetics;

  • Suspended sinks;

  • luxury bath of Sentec material.

This series was created for the company Laufen eminent designer Konstantin Grcic in Munich. He decided to make the basis of a series of sanitary ware Val innovative material SaphirKeramik, which is durable and it allows you to give sanitary articles of different shapes, as well as do the walls bowls sinks and baths thin without sacrificing quality or reduce any operational properties. By the way, among other things, it allows to manufacture products with a low weight which facilitates their transport and assembling. Visually, the collection of objects allocated thin and precise contours with clear lines of geometry.